Oral Surgery


There are numerous reasons why a patient may require the removal of their wisdom teeth.  Most commonly, this is due to the development of pain and infective symptoms from gum inflammation or dental decay.  However, your dentist will often identify these as having a strong potential to cause future issues. It is desirable to have these addressed at a younger age to prevent the onset of problems and the risks and recovery is generally more favourable.


In some patients, certain adult teeth don’t erupt into the mouth and stay ‘dormant’ in the jaw bones. This can be problematic as the patient’s bite can be compromised and damage to adjacent teeth can occur.
Exposure of these teeth is often necessary and once undertaken, frequently requires the assistance of an orthodontist to guide the tooth into the normal position.
Due to the position of these teeth and patients often being of young age, this procedure is almost always performed under general anaesthetic in hospital.